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Blakes Organic Kefir, 750ml

Kefir is a yoghurt style drink, exceptionally rich in nutrients and probiotics, aiding digestion a..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Blue Cheese, The Little Milk Co., IRISH, 125g

Blue Cheese, The Little Milk Co., IRISH, 125gThis Organic Blue is a unique, strong flavoured and won..

€4.29 Ex Tax: €4.29

Butter Salted, Laitois, 250g [GF]

Butter Salted, Laitois, 250g [GF]Ingredients:Biological CREAM *, Salt, Contains traces of lactic aci..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.69

Butter Unsalted, 250g [GF]

Butter Unsalted, Weerribben Zuivel, 250gThe butter from Weerribben Zuivel is prepared according..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Cheese Mature Grated, Bio Organic, 150g

Cheese Mature Grated, Holland Bio Organic, 150g Organic and delicious..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Organic Kombucha Ginger & Lemongrass and Raspberry & Rosehip -6%

COMBO Kombucha 6pack (3 Raspberry&Rosehip + 3 Ginger&Lemongrass)

For Kombucha Lovers check it out this Great Deal!You will receive:3 Bottles Kombucha Ginger & Le..

€20.94 €19.69 Ex Tax: €16.01

Cream Cheese Lactose Free, Zuger, 150g

Cream Cheese Lactose Free, Zuger, 150gA wonderfully fresh and organic spre..

€2.69 Ex Tax: €2.69

Feta Cheese 100% Sheep's Milk, 150g

Feta Cheese 100% Sheep's Milk, 150gIngredients: ..

€4.29 Ex Tax: €4.29

Feta Cheese Greek, 150g

Feta Cheese Greek, 150gIngredients: ..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

Grill & Eat Cheese, 150g

Grill & Eat Cheese, 150gIngredients: ..

€4.69 Ex Tax: €4.69

Montello Hard Cheese, Bioverde, 125g

Montello Hard Cheese, Bioverde, 125gThe Montello is a classic Italian hard cheese. The Montello is m..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Organic Mozzarella Cheese -40%

Mozzarella Cheese, 200g [B.B 15.10]

Mozzarella Cheese, Zuger, 200gSwiss fresh cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. Delicious in sala..

€1.99 €1.19 Ex Tax: €1.19

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