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Falafel Balls, Florentin, 240g [V][GF]

Falafel Balls, Florentin, 240g [V][GF]The most popular Middle Eastern snack. Our organic Falafel bal..

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

Pita Bread Spelt, Florentin, 4pc [V]

Pita Bread Spelt, Florentin, 4pc [V]Pita bread is known as the "pocket" bread, which makes it easy..

€2.55 Ex Tax: €2.55

Hummus Jalapeno, Florentin, 170g [V] [GF]

Hummus Jalapeno, Florentin, 170g [V] [GF]Only the best is good enough for ..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

Hummus, Florentin, 200g [V] [GF]

Hummus, Florentin, 200g [V] [GF]With an increased percentage of organic ch..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

Hummus Coriander, Florentin, 170g [V] [GF]

Hummus Coriander, Florentin, 170g [V] [GF]This classic creamy hummus is ma..

€3.59 Ex Tax: €3.59

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