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Buckwheat Flour, Luna & Terra, 1kg [PF] [V] [GF]

Buckwheat Flour, Luna & Terra, 1kg [PF] [V] [GF]The buckwheat for this whole wheat flour is biod..

€4.89 Ex Tax: €4.89

Ekoplaza Plain White Wheat Flour, 1kg [PF]

Organic Plain White Wheat Flour from Germany. ..

€2.29 Ex Tax: €2.29

Ekoplaza Spelt Flour, 1kg [PF][V]

Ekoplaza Spelt Flour, 1kg [PF][V]Ingredients: ..

€3.79 Ex Tax: €3.79

Fine Ground Wholemeal Flour, Dunany, 1.5kg [PF] [V]

Fine Ground Wholemeal Flour, Dunany, 1.5kg [PF]Perfect for a range of delicious breads and scones. M..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Organic Extra Coarse Wholemeal Flour -25%

Flour Extra Coarse Wholemeal, Dunany, 1.5kg [PF] [V]

Dunany Organic Extra Coarse Wholemeal Flour, IRISHWholesome, nutty and coarse grained.Exceptional in..

€3.99 €2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Out of Stock

Organic Flour Wheat

Flour Wheat, Spielberger, 5kg [PF][V]

Flour Wheat, Spielberger, 5kg [PF][V]Ingredients: W..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €9.99

Rye Flour, Dunany, 1kg [PF] [V]

Rye Flour, Dunany, IRISH, 1kg [PF] [V]Rye is low in gluten and suitable for traditional sourdou..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.69

Spelt Flour, Dunany, 1kg [PF] [V]

Spelt Flour, Dunany, IRISH, 1kg [PF] [V]Ancestral to modern wheat and containing essential amino aci..

€4.19 Ex Tax: €4.19