We all want to get fitter, eat healthier

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We all want to get fitter, eat healthier, and be more at peace. It is difficult to keep it all in balance, anything that makes it easier to achieve these goals is worth adopting.


Before I get stuck into how you can do this, check out this short video on “eating better with one of our large veg boxes”


More and more though I am convinced of three things:


  1.     There are no quick fixes, despite what anybody will tell you.
  2.     It takes discipline to make a new routine a habit.
  3.     You need to define what you want to achieve in order to achieve it. (Ie eat one freshly prepared meal every day)


Luckily although there are no quick fixes, there are ways to make eating healthier, easier.


There are massive benefits to incorporating just one healthy change into your lifestyle.  Some of the benefits may be instant, such as more energy, others such as less stress and a healthier body are reaped over the long-term.


Eating well, eating in a balanced moderate way is a very achievable goal.  With a little bit of discipline, you can improve your eating habits. It is the small daily changes that make all the difference.

So what do you need to do if you want to eat well?


What would you tell a smoker to do if they really wanted to give up cigarettes? Remove all cigarettes from their immediate vicinity? Take up something to fill the gap, running or walking?

It is the same thing with food, we reach for whatever surrounds us, if it is crisps and chocolate in the cupboard then that’s what we are more likely to eat.
A few small changes can set you up for success rather than failure. Prepare the ground so to speak! (ie if you want a smoothie for breakfast and you know you will be under pressure in the morning, prepare the food the night before, simple but effective)


Set a realistic goal, for instance one salad every day, or one freshly prepared meal every day, or one raw meal everyday, whatever suits your lifestyle.
I have been sitting here writing this article and wanted a snack, my absolute favourite snack these days is a semi-frozen smoothie. It is a mix of frozen banana, blueberries, ice, caco nibs, chia seeds, a couple of dates and a handful of almonds, I love it and it means that I won’t even consider eating a bar of chocolate, I don’t even want it.


It took a while to make this a habit, and it did require a little effort, but I know the end result is much better: no bloating and more energy.
Sometimes you will not want to bother to cook, but that is exactly when a little bit of routine and discipline get you over the line. The irony
is even if you feel tired once you get going you generally enjoy it and feel much better after eating a healthy meal than the beckoning frozen pizza.


As the summer winds down, It is a great time to build a healthy habit, we are all settling down into stable routines again. Starting as you mean to go on is half the battle.


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Good luck

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