Cucumbers, not for everybody?

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Cucumbers, not for everybody?


Up until relatively recently I would not have put cucumbers on my list of exceptionally favourite vegetables and must try before you die list!


However they do deserve a special mention. Not least because they are one of the very best alkalising vegetables you can eat. So what, I hear you say.





Keeping your body in an alkaline state, is a challenge, most processed foods we eat typically push our inner system towards an acidic environment, this acidic environment encourages disease and decay.


Cucumbers help keep the body, the blood and the intracellular fluid in an alkaline state which is beneficial for a host of reasons.


From a nutrition point of view cucumber is scoring well already. Couple that to its high water content and fresh taste making it ideal in salad during warm weather. Cucumber is also a key component of any juice or smoothie I make.


For me, the major shift occurred when I tasted one of our own farm grown organic cucumbers, they are delicious, if you are not a cucumber fan please do give them another try.


The other amazing thing about cucumbers is how they grow, if you have never seen a fully grown cucumber plant then it is something to behold.


I wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes clip of how the cucumber plants grow and how we harvest the fruits. It truly is an amazing creature when you get the conditions right.


Have a look here at this little video set in one of our tunnels about cucumbers.


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PS If you are interested in other super alkalising veg, then celery and kale are also fantastic.