Healthy and Happy

29/05/2015 0 Comment(s) General News,


Our natural disposition is to be healthy and happy individuals, to feel alive and full of energy. Do you feel like this?

Sickness and obesity and chronic illness are not meant to be our natural states of being.

Yes the food industry has a lot to answer for here, but we still have the power to make our own choices and to say yes to the things that make us feel good and no to those that don’t.


We can decide for ourselves to go without certain foods, to say no. Let the mass manufacturer due to their best to sell us rubbish packaged as happiness, but we can choose to see the real value in the stuff behind the shiny wrapper.

We can say yes to a new way of doing things.

We deserve to feel good and alive and full of energy.


Recently I have not been feeling like this and I have decided to embark on a campaign of eliminating all the potential allergens from my diet. I have to admit the thought of going without certain foods is making me feel very uneasy, like I want to hide away from this idea. The last time I felt like this was when I decided to give up alcohol 3 years ago. I guess you classify that as an addiction, sugar and alcohol, there are a lot of similarities.


I love my coffee, that I think will be the hardest to let go of. But I am determined. I am going to keep a little diary and give updates on how I am feeling, if anything as I go. Maybe I will just degenerate into a trembling incoherent mess once all my crutches are taken away, time will tell!.


This is my little adventure my little story and you will decide what is best for you. But there is certainly one thing you can do right away.

If you want to feel good and healthy then eating at least one freshly prepared meal a day is a requirement, and by fresh I mean with a good serving of freshly chopped and cooked (or raw, even better, think salad) vegetables. Let’s be fair, no matter how busy we are, we can all manage that, whether it be a smoothie (this is by far the easiest and quickest way to get a good blast of raw fresh fruit and veg into you, if you can invest in a nutribullet) in the morning, a salad at lunch or a healthy cooked dinner at tea time.


So give it a shot if you are not doing it already, get at least one healthy meal into you every day.

Now if you have forgotten what or how food gets from the ground to your plate, here is a little 40 sec video on how the first baby cucumbers are coming along on our farm. This is the real side of food production, nature doing it’s work to produce wonderful, healthy life giving food. We as farmers give it all it needs to thrive minus the horde of chemicals all conventional food gets coated in.


Wish me look (hopefully as I relinquish my dependence on bread, coffee, sugar and other things, I will not lose my grip on reality!)




PS It Is a bank holiday weekend so have a fantastic time and enjoy every minute. But please remember to place your order as normal and if you are making smoothies or want a very quick and easy way to boost your energy, why not add one of our superfood powders to your shop.