A drink that changes everything.

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Have you ever had a moment when a realisation hits you?


It may be something simple like: “sugar makes me feel like a used doormat?” Or “why do I eat bread when I always feel bloated afterwards?” These are simple things.


We persist in doing what causes us hurt time and time again, but then one day out of the blue, we realise that not only is this no good for me, but I am going to do something about it.



There is a strong sense of commitment to change, we have been practising this poor behaviour for possibly years but now we are actively going to make a change.


In our household we have been juicing for years. It started when a serious health related issue raised its ugly head, and since then it has been part of our lifestyle. We use a masticating juicer, it takes time and effort to prepare those green juices every day, but this is time that is very well invested.


Fast food? Do you love it? I like convenience, and I like tasty, healthy eating, I love fast food.


What could be more important than taste? Well for one thing our health, your health. So combine taste, health and convenience and we have a seriously powerful way to change everything.


What if you could combine excellent taste while making an instant impact on your health? And to top it off, it took you less than 5 minutes a day to prepare? Would you be interested?


Over the last while it has been difficult to fit the juicing into our daily routine. A bowl of cornflakes (sugar free cornflakes!) is just so much quicker. When you are under time pressure to start the day and for some reason you find yourself once again wondering how children’s shoes can just disappear as you need to go out the door! 3 children = 6 shoes = 6 feet = lots of potential for stress=no juice today!


So a few things happened together that inspired me to make one of those changes. It now seems so obvious and easy that I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier. Here’s what happened:


    Finding children’s shoes became very stressful!
    Jenny invested in a Nutribullet blender about 6 months ago.
    I had a meeting with a food blogger Marion Ruane about designing some new smoothie boxes.
    The time for making juices in the morning seemed to be disappearing.
    I was eating bread and cornflakes, definitely not a good idea for my digestive system first thing in the morning.


I got my bits and pieces together and made my first real smoothie. I was blown away.


The power of using one of these machines lies in it’s simplicity and convenience of use, it is fantastic. It took me less than 5 minutes to prepare that first drink and now it’s part of my daily routine.


A daily morning drink bursting at the seams with antioxidants and nutrients in less than five minutes what is not to love about that?


Here is what I did this morning, and you can check out this little 1 minute video, it really is that simple.


Here’s my usual daily ritual:


    One third of a cucumber, chopped into chunks.
    10-15 almonds
    Pinch of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and chia seeds, hazelnuts and walnuts.
    Cupful of kale,
    Cupful of spinach,
    1 small banana,
    Handful of goji, or blueberries
    Spoonful of wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina powder.
    Fill to the brim with water, in the large cup (about 500ml)



Whizz for 30 sec to 1 minute and drink! That’s it, it sounds simple, and it is simple. This is just my take on it, you can add anything you want, just don’t be tempted to stuff in too much as the resulting drink gets very thick!


We went on a small break to Cork last week and I insisted that the Nutribullet travel with us! (Incidentally I forgot the bag of fresh veg) but needless to say we survived.


Obviously I would encourage you to use organic ingredients where possible and you can buy all this stuff from us (Except the green powder) and we will deliver to your door (simple and convenient).


I would stress that using fresh organic ingredients is key, especially if you are using leafy greens and berries (these are two of the most sprayed types of conventional produce).


Enjoy and happy smoothie making!


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