Have you lost your "Why"?

02/01/2015 0 Comment(s) General News,

Do you remember when you went to university, or school, or a time in your past when you felt really strongly about something? Maybe it was sport, maybe you wanted to play rugby for Ireland or maybe you wanted to build things, or be creative and paint whatever it was it was really important to you.

There probably has been at some point in your past, a time when you felt strongly about “your thing” it was something you liked and felt you were good at and crucially something you thought would make a difference for the better to our world. It was your “Why”.

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If you have ever grown your own food you might remember that feeling of pulling the first carrot out of the ground and being totally amazed that from a humble seed something so beautiful and natural could emerge.

In my experience life has a tendency to get pretty hectic at times, and it can get pretty hard to focus on the “Why”, we get caught up in the survival bit; The work, children, exercise, bills and all the other stuff we routinely have to deal with.

When I started this business it was with a complete idealistic mindset, there was definitely no thinking about the “How”, it was all about the “Why”. That in itself led to a whole host of major boo boos! But I was very clear in my own head at the start about the “Why” of Green Earth Organics.

I thought about this again a few months ago because I felt I had lost sight of my “Why” and decided it would be a good idea, to get the “Why” stuck out there in the permanence of cyberspace so that I couldn’t forget again.

So rather than tell you here in plain text what my/our “Why” is, please have a look at the following 2 minute video, you will see the farm, you will understand our “Why” and you will see the “How”. It might help you to get back to your own “Why” after all it is most important, enjoy.