New Years Resolutions?

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09-Jan, New Years Resolutions?

What a delightful January it is turning out to be. Last year we were surveying the trail of destruction left in the fields from the harsh frost. Everything was dead, even the hardy swedes had turned to mush. This year what a different story, the weather is mild, we have sunshine, and the crops are in great condition. All our tunnels are brimming with produce. We started harvesting the first fresh salad leaves last week, and you can look forward to loads more lovely salad over the coming weeks.



I am not into New Year’s resolutions and decided a good while back not to make any. I just figured I was setting myself up for failure. Now, you may or may not make resolutions, but if you are interested in improving your health or in giving your body something nice this January and February (and by nice I mean something your body will thank you for, and chocolate doesn’t fall into this category!) then sit back and enjoy your boxes. That’s it you don’t have to do anything else.


The box arrives at your door, and you can be 100% sure that what is inside is fresh and full of all those little good things that makes your cells smile. where else you can get fresh organic Irish salad (fresh means fresh in our case) delivered to your door with only 1 or 2 days between harvest and landing on your plate. It is a well known fact that as soon as a fruit is picked or a vegetable is harvested it starts losing its nutrient content so the fresher it is the better it is for you.


A couple of months ago Organic Matters Magazine published an article about us. Click here for the whole story!


I would also like to introduce you to Declan Doherty who has just joined the farm. Have a look at this video to see him in action. You will also see how we harvest your salad and where and how it is grown.