Ain't no country for old men

23/01/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

Over the past few week we have had two new recruits join the farm, Declan (some of you may now know from the market and the video on salad harvest) a Donegal man who joined us back at the start of the month. Sean a local (so local he walks to work!)  lad joined us 2 weeks ago. We were joking the other day that the average age of the people working on the farm has nearly doubled since before Christmas. Well maybe not quite but not far off it! It then struck me that sometimes it is tough going and a lot of hard work is involved. Have a look at our parsnip harvest video below taken earlier last week to see what I mean.




            Having said that, anybody can get stuck into a bit of gardening, and as I mentioned last week, each newsletter will let you know what we are doing right now on the farm and a tip for what you could be doing this week.

            January is definitely the month for planning and now that it is coming to an end, I am a little panicky that I haven’t achieved all I set out to do. I always like to have my seeds chosen and ordered, the rotation planned and the crop plan for the year drawn up. Without careful planning the year becomes chaotic.

            So in your own garden, now you should have chosen what it is you want to grow, and the seeds you will need. The next step is to figure out what you can fit into your limited growing area. This is easily done. Firstly, you can’t grow everything so just focus on the things you like and the things that are easy to grow Salad is a yes, cauliflower is a no.  Fresh peas are great and they grow upwards and fix nitrogen plus you virtually can’t get them anywhere.  So armed with this info, make a list and put at the top the most desirable crop and at the bottom the least. Any good gardening book will give you the details on spacings required for each plant etc. So aim to have your seeds in and a plant finished by the end of the month, then we will get down to business! 

I am delighted with the way January is turning out we have had one of our busiest months ever, Thank you to all who have been ordering giving us feedback and telling your friends about us. It makes a huge difference to us.