The very best for everybody

03/02/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

Strange title to start this week’s newsletter off, nothing like a gentle ego massage to pick a person up and make them feel better.  But in this case it is absolutely true. You are choosing to eat local organic veg, the freshest best food available anywhere. It is not just me saying it although obviously I would say it. You may or may not have known but we supply all thee best restaurants in Galway with the same veg you get every week in your boxes, next time you are out for a meal, in Kai, Ard Bia, Artisan, Oscars, Massimos, Aniar or Cava, have a little look, they get their organic veg from us.


Anyway the purple sprouting broccoli is in full production mode now and we have tonnes of it, so if you are getting a seasonal box, enjoy, we have increased the amounts too. We have also put it on special offer in our  order online. It is a real seasonal treat but is short lived, check out Patricia’s recipes for some nice ideas on how to cook it!

Did you know that the spuds, broc, lettuce scallions, turnip, parsnip, kale, leeks, salad and cabbage are all our own. Now, that isn’t bad going for February, and on top of that the carrots, onions and beetroot are Irish! How’s that for another guilt free (air-mile free) climate friendly, health friendly meal sitting smiling on your plate.

What’s happening in the fields, farms and gardens of Galway? There is loads going on here, one little thing we were doing last week was transplanting scallions. Now you probably won’t have scallion plants to transplant but it is well worth investing in some trays to start your seeds off in, have a look at the tiny little video we did to give you an idea of what to expect. By the way if you need compost to sow your seeds we will be selling it soon, this is top quality organically certified compost. So let us know if you need a bag or 2, it will be €11 per bag.

Anyway thanks for buying our veg. Happy days, spring is coming leaping and bounding, and we here at the farm can’t wait. Another fantastic growing season beckons!