Local Food for Local People

06/02/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

To parody that great Welsh drama, "The League of Gentlemen", local food for local people is becoming a bit of social slogan these days.

I notice with great interest that supermarkets are trying for all they are worth to show their support for Irish produce. The fact is, they are supporting it; this is making such a difference to farmers and producers up and down the country. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts or because they love Irish food, they are doing this because you and I the consumers are opting and asking for Irish produce over imported cheaper alternatives. This is making the difference;  people power it does work!


Back to basics, we are working away here on the farm getting everything ready for the first lovely dry spell that will soon arrive and will allow us to go out and start the serious work of ground preparation. In your own garden  now is the time to get out there and start soil preparation work.

If you have had mulch down over winter you can lift it now, and add some fertiliser (manure or chicken pellets) and start digging this in. If you are low in minerals or other nutrients (You may have noticed some plants didn't grow very well last year (yellowing of leaves or stunted growth) then you will want to add a soil conditioner such as basic slag or some other such organic mineral fertiliser). Once you have broadcast this over the surface get your spade out and give it a good digging over, this will mean the preparation of seed beds a little later on is much easier and a lot less work.

One word of caution though if the ground is very wet or sticky then it is better to wait and let it dry out, you will cause more damage than it is worth digging and trampling over wet sticky ground.

We have also put together a little 1min 30sec video of some of the work we are getting on with at the moment, you should find it helpful if you are thinking of planting anything yourself, but also interesting if you would just like to see a little more of what we do.


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Anyway, thats it thanks for reading and watching and thanks for supporting us.

Happy munching