Arrrrrrgh Radish Carnage

13/02/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

Did you know that we supply the same great fresh local organic veg to many of Galway's top restuarants as we do to our customer home deliveries?  Next time you are out for a meal, in Kai(every now and again), Ard Bia, Artisan, Oscars, Massimos, Aniar or Cava, have a little look, they get their organic veg from us.

Anyway the purple sprouting broccoli is in full production mode now and we have loads of it, so if you are getting a seasonal box, enjoy, we have increased the amounts too. It is a real seasonal treat but is short lived, check out the recipes for some nice ideas on how to cook it!


Did you know that the spuds, broc, lettuce scallions, turnip, parsnip, kale, leeks, salad and cabbage are all our own. Now, that isn’t bad going for February, and on top of that the carrots, onions and beetroot are Irish! How’s that for another guilt free (air-mile free) climate friendly, health friendly meal sitting smiling on your plate.

I took a little stroll around the farm this weekend just to keep an eye on things.  I don’t get time to observe things during the crazy busy weeks. One thing in particular caught my eye. We had planted some radish about 2 weeks ago and it had germinated nicely, the last time I looked it was happy and healthy. Unfortunately when I cast my eye over it on Saturday all was not right. It seemed from a distance that somebody or something had sprinkled white stringy bits all over the radish bed. On closer examination it became obvious what had happened. I could tell you exactly or if you would like to see with your own eyes why not have a look at the little video of the carnage that I took Monday morning. Each week I will film a 1 min video on little tips on what to do in your garden now, or on little ways to avoid just such a problem as we have just had.



Well we may be about to get some dry weather this week and it is badly needed the ground is wet, and it my soul actually feels wet at this stage! Although the weekend helped in drying it out. So we will be stepping up the farming activity a notch or three and really getting stuck in now to ground preparation and sowing.


Remember you should have your own seeds at this stage and be busy planting them in little containers, don’t forget we have organic compost for sale if you need some €11/bag and we can deliver a limited quantity.

So thanks again for keeping us all in a job and for doing something positive for the environment and for our local society.

Enjoy the fresh organic veg!