Crazy wild rocket

20/02/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

I don’t know where the time is going,  it certainly seems to be slipping away. For us at Green Earth Organics farm we are anxiously awaiting a spell of dry weather in order to allow us to get out and about and start preparing and tilling the soil.

Last week we did get an opportunity to get out start ploughing. This was the first available opportunity in many weeks (See Dec’s happy face at unearthing another monstrous stone!)



We use ploughing to turn the soil over and bury many of the weeds and debris that are left on the soil surface from previous crops. In an ideal world we would not till the ground at all as it breaks up the soil structure and in general it is not good for the land. However from a practical point of view it would be next to impossible to grow any crops on a reasonable scale without first tilling the ground.

With the ploughing begun we have also been focusing on sowing seeds, this has been taking place in our propagation tunnel. If you are wondering what to do in your home garden at the moment then this is certainly something to be getting on with.

We have recorded a little video of my mother Maureen (she helps us out from time to time) sowing wild rocket in modules. This is the best way to start many plants as they get the optimum nutrients and temperature for germination and they thrive. We use a professional growers organic compost, which we are also selling €11/bag 75L, it really is the business we have tried many other varieties and this one is the best, if you would like some please e-mail  [email protected] or call (091-793768) saying how many bags you want and if you can pick it up. We have limited delivery capacity.




The wheels on the farm continue to turn and although we are spending much of our energy on the new season ahead, we are fully aware of our commitments to looking after the current crops and of course the all important harvest.  This week, we are harvesting, salad, lettuce, parsley and scallions from the tunnels. From the fields we have kale, swede, leeks, parsnips, potatoes and of course purple sprouting broccoli. We have lovely delicious sweet carrots that we get from a farmer in Donegal and Irish Beetroot.

Finally if you don’t already know we now have a new and exciting section in our online shop (My wife finds this fantastic as she is a big fan of seeds and I think I will have to keep them under lock and key and away from her!) 

Thanks again for your time and your custom.