Sprouting from all sorts of place

28/02/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

We have done only a tiny little video this week, as you know it is purple sprouting season and here is a snippet to remind you of that, it is no more than 15 seconds!



Also this week, I decided to go out into the tunnels and the farm and see if I could find signs of spring. It occurred to me that sometimes it is hard to take the time to notice the passing of the seasons.  So here is my little take on spring on the farm.


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What can you be doing in your garden at the moment? Well, sowing your seeds into trays should be continuing. For certain crops it is best to plant some seeds every now and again, for instance, lettuce can be sowed every 2 weeks and then transplanted every 2 weeks, this will ensure a continuous supply throughout the summer season, rather than it all coming together, this is called successional planting.

Now is also the time to be making sure you are sowing your tomato and pepper plants. These little guys like warmth to germinate so stick them on a warm windowsill. We use special incubators in the tunnel to bring on these heat loving plants.


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What is happening on the farm at the moment, well plenty and not enough. We are beavering away harvesting, and loads of stuff is ready for harvest. We have the very precious sprouting broccoli a real culinary delight. The lovely butterhead lettuce is being harvested each week and also fresh salad, rocket and parsley, some of these are only available on the online shop as we have a limited supply.


So the ‘not enough’ is regarding the tilling and ploughing the wet weather is really keeping us back in this respect, but as always a break in the weather will come and when it does we will be out in force.  14 acres is a fair bit of ground to get ready for planting and you cannot afford to miss any opportunity the weather gives you.

Thanks again and remember if you are happy with what we are doing please tell your friends and colleagues about our service.