A big fat lie

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A big fat lie

I read a very thought provoking article in the Guardian this weekend by Eliane Glaser. She talks about our perception of food and what we are led to believe is good and right by governments, corporations, and more recently by celebrity chefs.  It is very interesting and definitely worth a read, but what drew my attention was the piece about Organics. To quote:

‘Then there's organic food. The tech spec of organic food – the fact that nothing synthetic is used in its production – suggests flavour, nutritional value and agricultural ethics. But it has become a devalued, mass-market symbolic indicator. Organics are promoted as both available to all and a luxury treat, but often they're more expensive and they taste the same. And they're not even necessarily good for the environment, either.’


She has a point. Like all things that start off small they get hijacked by big business, and the initial ideals get a little twisted. This can reflect badly on what the organic movement is genuinely trying to achieve.  I know how we do things, and I know what we stand for and I disagree with her take on organics.


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Firstly. No chemicals are put on the produce, you do not need to “wash before you eat” as is on nearly all conventional vegetable packs.


Secondly.  No GM. We don’t need this twist of nature, it has no proven benefits (other than allowing farmers to spray more ‘Round-up’ than they were spraying before the advent of GM-Soya). It is dangerous and irresponsibleto  let this uncontrollable force loose in nature.


Thirdly.  No artificial fertiliser. I won’t go into this it is a discussion in itself.


Fourthly. CO2 emissions and food miles. Do I need to say more? (We do buy stuff in from other countries, but our philosophy is: Stuff from (in order), our Farm, Galway, Ireland, Europe, The World (never by plane).


The list goes on and on, I will stop here, please comment on FACEBOOK if you have an opinion.



As usual we are harvesting loads of stuff. But ground preparation is our biggest job at the moment, here is a little clip of how we prepare the soil prior to planting. You are hopefully doing the same with a spade and rake at home in your own garden.  Enjoy




Quick tip for this week, if you haven’t already planted your peppers and tomatoes, you should be putting them into pots or trays now, and place them in a nice warm place, tomatoes like a temperature in the mid 20’s to germinate.


New Produce Available

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Don't forget Moycullen market is on every Friday from 1pm-6pm, where we will have loads of fresh lettuce, mixed salad leaves and sprouting broccoli. Also our farm shop  is open every Wed 2-7pm. With the stretch in the evenings and the better weather why not drop out to the shop and have a wander around our tunnels to catch a real glimpse of some of what we do. To find out how to get to our farm click here    


Thanks for taking the time to read this and remember if you are happy with what we are doing please tell your friends and colleagues about our service.