Cauliflower Curry

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2 onions , finely chopped , oil

1cm ginger , grated, 2 tbsp curry paste (use more if you like it hot)

400g tin coconut milk, 400g tin chopped tomatoes

1 head cauliflower , broken into pieces

2 potatoes , peeled and cut into chunks

1 lemon , juiced , 200g bag spinach



Prepare the Ingredients


Fry the onions in a little oil until they start to soften, add the ginger and curry paste and fry until fragrant. Add the coconut milk, tomatoes, cauliflower and potatoes and bring to a simmer.

Cook for 20-30 minutes or until the potato is cooked, then season with salt. Stir in the lemon juice and spinach and leave for 2 minutes with a lid on, but off the heat. Season and serve with naan bread and basmati rice.