Galway Food Festival

26/03/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

We were delighted to be invited to give a talk at he Galway food festival next Saturday. The title of the talk is “Grow it yourself” by Green Earth Organics. It will be held in the Green room in the Galway city museum at 3pm. So please if you get a chance and are in the area drop in.


We will also have a stall at the food festival itself, so drop by and say hello either myself Declan or Sean will be on duty so it would be great to meet some of you. We will have sample boxes on display and you can ask us anything first hand!


So looking forward to meeting some of you there.

If you got the City Tribune last week look out for the article on the last page “Hunger games: the producers who help sate our appetites”  it is a great article about local food and local food producers and we are in there too!



Gardening tip: Don’t forget the tip last week, if you have transplanted be wary as frost is promised and your little young plants may not survive the onslaught.  What can you be getting on with this week, well we are checking our trays constantly and if they are showing any signs of loss of vigour then we are feeding them. As with the little herbs plants you can buy from the supermarket, the nutrient content of these small trays can run out quite quickly and needs to be topped up. We use a mixture of pelleted chicken manure in water. Alternatively comfrey is an excellent source of nutrients, just take some of the leaves stick them in a bucket of water and wait until they smell. Comfrey leaves can be crammed into a large container with a hole in the bottom with a small container underneath to catch the thick black liquid which will be produced in a few weeks.  Weighing the comfrey down with an old brick will help this process and some people add rainwater but this does make the resulting ‘comfrey tea’ smell awful!  Once produced, the liquid should be diluted 15:1 with water before using it as a leaf feed for plants such as tomatoes.


Farm News We hope you are enjoying all the lovely fresh produce in the boxes each week. This week’s little video is on radish harvest and these are mighty little vegetables. We have also been harvesting some great fresh spinach, scallions, mixed salad and loads more.

We have been busy sowing and transplanting over the last week. The first early carrots are now in the ground as are the first early potatoes. We have also transplanted some outdoor scallions and loads more.

Thats it for another week don't forget to drop by and say hello at the Food Festival this weekend