Are you a Waster

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Isn’t it great to have a nice warm glow every-time you receive a box from us. No doubt it’s wise to support local organic food production. Why? Well the usual: You are:

·         Helping to maintain jobs in the local region,

·         Reducing your carbon footprint,

·         Improving the local environment and our countryside.

These are all great things to be doing, and they are nice fuzzy things but let’s be practical about it, it needs to work on a practical level, you need to be saving a bit

2012-07-25 13.03.56
Its been a bad year for basil, very late, but better late than never

our own tomatoes and mini cucumbers

of cash and using the box well. I know how I feel about waste and I don’t like it, resources are too valuable and food is too expensive to throw it in the bin. On the farm my mother regularly brings food that is not up to our high standard for the boxes, (but is still great to eat) into COPE.

one of our tomato plants

Dec holding some of the first new potatoes (They are in all the boxes now)

But getting a box dropped to your house can really help you to reduce your waste too. Did you know that nearly 33% of all fresh produce bought in Ireland yearly is dumped, that is just shocking! Half of all salad leaves bought are thown in the bin. I mean what is going on here. Check out this great Irish website to find our how you can reduce your waste and save money.

2012-07-25 20.22.09
AHHHHHH there we go

So here’s the challenge get a box each week. Then take a lightly different approach to your cooking, get a little organised and get cooking. Here’s the stepwise approach

1.      Check our website after 2pm every Friday, you will see what you are receiving the following week.
2.      Make a plan for the week using the box contents.
3.      Check out our recipe page for ideas
4.      Cormac Handy of the will be providing meals and recipe ideas each week.
5.      That’s it, you will eat better and save money guaranteed!

all our new spuds harvested and then picked by hand, this was on one of the drier days.

Have you got tomato plants at home, if you do or even if you don’t have a look at this little video on how to take care of established plants.


It struck me as odd that although the video was shot at the end of June I am in a fleece! Well there you go I hope you find it helpful.

Ramona after doing a small harvest from the tunnels

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Recipes for the week supplied by the Handy Kitchen:

Cucumber relish


Pickled cucumber

Cormac Handy will be providing bespoke and excellent practical recipes each week to help you get the very best from your lovely fresh veg.

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Nutrition for the week supplied by Eleanor Winters:

Cucumber was hailed for its medicinal properties by Greek, Roman and later Arab physicians – but some time since then it was relegated to a mere “food”

… So I say “Let thy Food be thy Medicine!”

Cucumber cleanses the intestines and purifies the blood, making it an excellent tonic to relieve skin irritations, rheumatic disorders, and gout. And it is a natural diuretic which can alleviate oedema (swelling) in the hands and lower legs.

Beauty Tip: Place cucumber slices on your eyes to reduce swelling!
Elenanor Winters runs a very busy practice in Oranmore, visit her Facebook page or contact her: Embody Health, Nutritional Therapy, 087-6898731,