Warm cherry tomatoes

25/09/2012 0 Comment(s) General News,

The open day seems a distant event now, but I wanted to thank all of you who ventured out to the wilds of Corrandulla to visit the farm a couple of Saturdays ago. It was a fantastic day and we had in the region of 400-500 people through the farm. It was great to see so many parents with their children. The children (and the adults!) were fascinated by the plants, and the caterpillars, but most especially by the warm cherry tomatoes fresh from the vine(did you know that to get the best flavour from tomatoes you should eat them at room temperature not cold) in the pick your own polytunnel.


IMG 9493
our fresh carrots

IMG 9498
freshly harvested cherry tomatoes

IMG 9505

This connection with our food is so important, it is grounding in many ways and it is good to know where you food is from and how it is produced. I talked to many people and I asked them why they choose organic veg. There were many reasons but one was repeated over and over again: taste. This was the major reason and no doubt those children and adults alike who ate the tomatoes fresh from the vine, didn’t need to be told that they were the sweetest freshest tomatoes possible.

IMG 9540
oops who parked the van there?!



IMG 9555

IMG 9604
a few people listen to one of the farm talks

IMG 9696
the depths of the farm

IMG 9762
fresh beetroot and loads of it!

IMG 9773
fresh scallions

IMG 9776
a man showing his daughter the fresh broccoli

It makes perfect sense to me, if something tastes good and is actually good for you, then you can’t go wrong can you? The other day I was packing the boxes (as Ramona is on holidays) and I realised that the produce was rolling in from the fields and no sooner had it arrived in the packing shed than it was going straight pack out again, in the boxes, deliveries orders etc. This is the freshness you can taste in food.

IMG 9775
kale cabbage and broccoli

I also asked people as they were walking around the farm if there was a reason they wouldn’t buy organic and some said price, this is feedback I have received many times in the past. Times are hard, no doubt about it, and you need to be sure that what you are paying for is the very best value you can get. Well the majority of the feedback we get is that the boxes are great value, and people are very happy with them. This week we have put free beetroot in all the boxes, and this in a sense this is what being part of the box scheme is all about. We have a good crop you get the benefit of it too. If you are curious, click here to see what is in the boxes this week.