Toby's taste test

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I was asked by RTE several weeks ago to give an interview for “Drive time” to talk about a study in the US that claimed that “Organic food was no better for you”. I responded in what I deemed to be an intelligent and serious manner and countered the argument.

I then went away and devised a test to conclusively show that organic food is in fact better for you.


2012-03-23 12.02.39

We have a little dog called Toby and he is a real scavenger, he is always hungry and constantly on the prowl for food. I bought some value carrots the other day and then I went and pulled some of our own fresh carrots, I offered them both to Toby…………………and……………..yes he ate the organic carrot (first!). He ate both. But I imagine a more discerning dog would have only gone for the organic carrot. Don’t think I could have used that on RTE!

2012-06-24 12.53.05
                            OOps this shouldn't be in here at all!

2012-08-22 14.02.37
                                       Molly the Taste tester next time

Anyway why would you buy organic if it isn’t any better for you? When it comes to value, if you pay more you expect more, and rightly so. So what is the “more” of organic food?

I know that the potatoes we put in your box have no chemicals on them, or in them. I know where they come from and how they were grown, I can stand over them

Take the humble spud, they all look the same really; a bit knobbly and oval, varying degrees of taste and soapy to floury in texture. But did you ever consider, that potatoes are heavily sprayed by systemic fungicides to prevent blight.

2012-10-18 13.31.07
                           Fresh Red pepper from our polytunnels

2012-10-18 13.31.49

Systemic means they are absorbed into the plants system and they reside in the humble spud that sits on your plate. They don’t reside in our spud or any other organic spud though. So we as growers have to be extra careful and work extra hard to get that lovely floury spud out of the ground and onto your plate in good blight free condition without using chemicals. So that extra value means in a sense you are getting less rather than more for your money.

Leaving the chemicals aside. When you buy fresh organic food you buy produce that tastes better, that has higher levels of nutrients and is generally local, not bad really.

2012-10-19 13.54.36
                 Rocket just about to be transplanted for spring cropping

The next time I do a taste testing I think I will use Molly rather than Toby though!

2012-10-19 13.54.48
                            Ramona transplanting the lovely rocket plants

2012-10-19 13.55.18
                                        Flat parsley for spring harvest

2012-10-19 13.56.49
                                 Flower from wild rocket

2012-10-19 13.56.32
                                wild rocket being harvested this week

2012-10-19 13.57.05
                       One of the tunnels we have just cleared of tomatoes

2012-10-23 12.48.56
                                              Coriander flowers

2012-10-24 15.48.47

                                       Fresh romanesco from the fields

2012-10-24 15.48.56