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COPE Galway, do you know what they do?  They are a fantastic Galway based charity that provide a wealth of services to those less fortunate than ourselves. One of their actvities is providing home cooked healthy means to people that can't cook for themselves. Generally these people are older or physically incapacitated.  



          From Left to right Geraldine(COPE), Maureen (my mother),  Kenneth (Me, Green Earth Organics), Fiona (COPE)



It is shocking how much food is wasted every week in Ireland. We face a similiar problem with food that is not up to our quality standards here at Green Earth Organics. This is food that is fine and we eat it ourselves at home but we wouldn't sell it as it doesn't meet our quality criteria, (it may be slightly bruised, or have a blemish or in the case of carrots be broken or cracked). 




  Many of the great vounteers that help in the food preparation each week at COPE


So what's the connection between COPE Galway and food waste? 

Well my mum who has been working tirelessly in bringing this graded out food to charities all over Galway for the past 2 years finally hit the jackpot 3 weeks ago. She met Geraldine who runs COPE home delivery meal service, and Geraldine was absolutely delighted to take our excess produce. So we have started sending any grade outs into COPE each week so they can use it in their cooking. 




 Fresh parsley. Food preparation at COPE




The organisation relies on volunteers to do much of the prep and delivery work. Geraldine was kind enough to have a presentation for us last week and she also showed us around their facility in Ballybane and it really is amazing.I know they would be delighted if you decided to give them a donation.




 Geraldine(COPE) shows the freshly prepared dinner being chilled prior to dispatch


There was a tremendous atmosphere in the kitchen and everybopdy seemed to be thoroughly enhjoying their work.  The people at home who receive a daily delivery look forward not only to the food but also to the socil interaction that comes from a friendly visitor popping in and this is all part of the service they offer.




The final product a freshly prepared home dinner and dessert





The food being packed and about to be delivered by one of them any volunteers.


It is very easy to forget in these times of austerity and belt tightening that there is some amazing work being done by a whole host of people that generally don't get a mention. So thanks again to COPE for this fantastic service, one of many they provide for Galway city.

If you would like to get more information about COPE or to make a donation please CLICK HERE to visit their website.