Interview with Box customer

20/11/2013 0 Comment(s) General News,

You may have heard the interview on primetime a couple of weeks ago on the benefits or not of organic food. Well I didn't think the organic movement came out very well from the interview. But it is very hard to perform under pressure for the cameras.

Anyway that is a story for another day. The story I would like or rather one of our customers will tell you today is their experience in receiving a regular weekly delivery from us.


The idea for the interview occurred to me after the Prime time screening and then by complete coincidence a customer willing to do the interview appeared the next day.


The fund raising manager for COPE Galway has been a customer of ours for several months. I wasn't aware of this until we went in to do the photo shoot with them 2 weeks ago.  

While I was there I asked David if he would mind giving his thoughts on what he thought of our service. I promise you that there was no gun under the table!! as I asked the questions. This was an off the cuff interview, so if you have a spare 3 minutes in your day, and you would like to hear about David's experience with us please click below.