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The Art of Producing Food

Posted by Celine 12/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Environment,Farm News,
The art of producing food is marvellous and tough and on sunny days it is a privilege.

We talk about food all the time here, we grow it, we sow the seeds, we watch the plants grow, we fertilise the soil, we control the weeds and hope we have the right mix to ensure the plants grow healthy and pest free.

We spend the time in between managing the crops, maintaining the land, planting trees, growing hedging, sowing wild flowers for the bees, harnessing the power of the sun, these are all things we do, but these are sadly unusual practices on farms today.

We see first-hand the connection between the raw vegetables and the cooked food on our plate. We can see the process of growing the food and the impact it has on our locality, in our case the positive impact it has on the local environment.

We see more bees, and flies, and insects, we feel there is a balance as we rarely see an out of control pest issue. We see more birds, and wild life, we see the land thrive.

It is with this as the backdrop that we have decided on our own mini food festival this year. It will be more than an open day, it will be a fun celebration of a rekindling of this connection with our food and land.



But as a population we have lost this connection, for most of us now, we are shielded from the impacts of our food choices and our actions by well defined lines.

This blanket blindness is purposely put in place by the supermarkets, the processors, the packaging companies, we don’t generally get to see behind this magic veil, they don’t want us to see.

It is not good for business for us to see the land being sprayed in conventional farming, or the horrendous conditions of factory farms, or the forced and sometimes slave child labour used to keep food cheap.

We have seen recently though the power that can be wielded when we do get to see behind this well guarded veil.

The outcry against plastic is something that is clear for all to see, and we want change and change is coming.

Imagine then if we could see the amazing impact of our positive choices, if we could understand that it isn’t just a head of broccoli or a packet of bacon. If we could somehow rekindle that connection with our food.

I believe that we can reconnect, that by seeing how food is grown we can redevelop that connection with nature and we can tell our children, we can show them that there is a great, fun and fantastically positive way to live and eat.