The bees are coming!

Posted by Celine 04/05/2018 0 Comment(s)
The beekeepers are coming to check the hives on our organic farm next week, and today with the beautiful sunshine the bees are on the move.

We love the bees on our farm and we will do what is right to make sure they thrive.

It is our business to do right by the environment, to make doing the right thing the norm rather than the exception.

It is our business to put sustainability at the heart of every decision we make. It is our business as farmers to ensure the land passes to our children in a fit state to farm and that the planet survives our generation.

It is our business to stand up to faceless corporations that thrive on greed and excesses. These same corporations that position themselves as good and right and just. The Big Ag companies that “are the friend to the farmer” and are promoting more sustainable agriculture. The global supermarket chains “that are taking the hit on price” for the sake of the customer, and to protect the farmer, all fabricated rubbish.

It is our business to take the time to plant wild flowers for the bees. To grow food without chemicals, without the addition of artificial fertilisers to the land. It is out business to keep the water clean and land cleaner.

It is our business to foster a great team of people that share our principles and values and at every corner are striving to do their best.

It is our business to grow healthy great food, and to source healthy great food in a fair and sustainable way.

It is our business to look at every facet of our operation and make it more sustainable.

It is our business to produce our energy from the sun and plant trees to balance the energy we can’t get from renewable sources.

It is our business to invest in our approach to packaging, to reuse whatever we can, to take back the boxes and the egg boxes and to reuse them.

It is our business to embrace these ideals because it is the right thing to do and not because the market demands it.

It is our business to ensure we are doing the right things for the right reasons, not doing a few of the right things for the wrong reasons.

It is our business to invest in plant-based bags as an alternative to plastic and to change and research our packing to ensure it works.

It is not our business to mislead. Supermarkets who throw a few rolls of compostable bags near the loose veg section or throw a few boxes of loose veg onto the supermarket shelves and label them-selves leading the way in plastic reduction are fooling no one! Supermarkets need to do a lot more to show they are serious in addressing the plastic problem.

It is our business to respect and trust our customers and the most amazing team of people we have running our business.

It is our business to make these ideals the very fabric of who we are.

This is our business and I hope you enjoy being part of it.

Because business is about more than the bottom line.

Here’s to the bees!