Vote with your Wallet

Posted by Green Earthe 22/03/2018 0 Comment(s) General News,Environment,Plastic Free,Food sovereignty,
Plastic waste is a scourge on our planet, the scale and ubiquity of it is threatening to destroy life in our oceans, and most recently it has been shown that the level of micro plastic pollution in our oceans is much worse than feared. 

Large food corporations and supermarkets are being forced by people like you to change their mode of operation.   This is a fantastically positive thing, they are responding to an overwhelming backlash against the senseless use of plastic in our food chain and they must and are (slowly) taking action.

If there is a good thing about the plastic problem then it is the fact we can see the damage, we can identify with the destruction that we are responsible for, but we can also see the solution and we can exert pressure on food companies and on retailers to change.  

This is happening, and the size and the level of this pressure is having a profound effect on these mighty corporations.

They must change.

Large supermarkets and corporations now stand up and state that they are doing right by the environment, but let’s be clear here they are doing right by their bottom line.

This pressure from the end consumer leaves them with no other option and so they cannot hold back the tide of change. They certainly are not leading the change.

Companies with questionable sustainability ethics are using a problem that they have created as a marketing opportunity.  In this world of “make believe” spun out of marketing suites and corporate board rooms, for these companies to state that they are leading the change in plastic reduction is like bending the rules that govern the universe (which is impossible).

This flawed system of food production and distribution of which both food waste and the indiscriminate use of plastic packaging are products, have been allowed to flourish and grow under the very watchful eye of these corporations.

However, the days of senseless plastic use are drawing to a close.

I am quite cynical when it comes to the abusive use of marketing, it is everywhere.

Would it not be better to stand up and state, yes we have seriously messed up here, we are responsible for this system, and yes this is a small start but we are going to try and rectify some of the issues that we have created.

Yes, we are not perfect, and we have much more to be do on the plastic issue.

Sustainability is what our business is built on. Sustainable and reusable packaging has been at our core since we began our farm and business 12 years ago.

We have had a zero plastic box for over a year and now have a plastic free grocery section, and as you will know we use paper bags and collect and reuse our recycled boxes. We recollect the egg cartons and deliver them back to John Tedders our egg supplier.

We will remove plastic from all our own farm produce in the next 6 months as we move to compostable plastic bags. Behind the scenes we will wrap our pallets in compostable pallet wrap.

Here's to a plastic free world.