Do you fancy being radished?

28/04/2014 0 Comment(s) General News,


The first tomato plant flowers emerge


I love it, everything is starting to ooze life, the plants we have been diligently sowing week in week out since February are going into the ground, you can nearly touch the growth, nearly see it happening. The lettuce is so soft and tender it is amazing. I always think that although we harvest the lettuce with every care and douse it in water and put it in a plastic bag to keep it fresh, that it doesn't do the heads justice. They look absolutely amazing in the polytunnel. But we need to get it to you in great shape so we have no choice really.



Fresh radishes ready for harvest


The wild rocket makes your tongue tingle with it's pepperiness. If you have never tried radish then they really are worth a go and they look amazing!I have to admit I took all of this for granted as I can go and pick a fresh head of lettuce anytime I want. I was in the UK over Easter visiting Jenny's family and we had to buy all our vegetables in a supermarket! It really did take me some time to come to terms with that. But after I decided that there was no other choice and we had to eat, we proceeded to buy our fruit and veg. Some of it was good, some was ok, and some wasn't, but it all tasted, how can I describe it a little old, it just didn't taste fresh.





Parsley and lettuce comig along nicely


As I wandered the fruit and veg lanes, mesmerised by the shininess and choice I was lulled into a sense of forgetting my organic credentials. Oh that spinach looks good, those tomatoes are lovely but not organic. I had to search and be conscious to actually go and actively choose the organic stuff. I forget that is what you do every-time you order from us, and I would like to thank you for taking that active conscious decision.

So I was very happy to be back, and not have to think too much about whether things were chemical free or fresh or not, I just went and picked a head of lettuce and had it for my tea!




Beetroot awaiting transplanting