Plastic Free Grocery Section

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We're delighted to introduce the Green Earth Organics 'Plastic Free' shopping aisle. All the biomaterials in this range are certified via the seedling logo. This means the packaging is fully compostable and within 12 weeks will be transformed into just water, biomass and CO2 in your home composter. Also the stickers are fully natural and compostable. Same as the glue & the ink! If you don't have a composter at your house - you can put this special packaging in your brown food bin. To view all the products in the range - just visit our 'Plastic Free' category here






Ekoplaza are one of Green Earth Organic's suppliers and they are the company that are championing the zero plastic movement in Holland with more than 700 items in this range. Their 'plastic free' selection includes grocery products like rice, sauces, chocolate, cereals, grains and dairy. If there is a particular 'Zero Waste' item that you'd like us to stock, please feel free to post a comment on our 'New Product' suggestion post here.







Gluten free grains:

Lentils & beans:




For more info about the Ekoplaza range or to learn more - you can read an article about it here.