A lady bird killer I think not

02/06/2014 0 Comment(s) General News,

I was down in the fields last week and noticed the plethora of wildlife from flea beetles to wild hares, and the interesting thing is that they are not doing any great damage to the crops, at least not yet.


There has also been a huge flush of ladybirds this year, the weather conditions have been optimal for their emergence and all these little guys are living in chemical free heaven. If insects had emotions they would be happy. Well at least they are going about their insecty business in a relaxed way!





Check out this little video, I found this little critter wandering around our newly planted celeriac crop, last week.





Of course this is all great for the bugs, birds and bees, but it is also fantastic news for the food and ultimately for me and you. I’ll have that chemical free carrot thank you very much!


Watch any gardening show these days, and the presenters will all advocate using natural methods to grow your plants and your food, why shouldn’t these same principles be applied on a larger scale in our farming methods?


Farming didn’t used to rely so heavily on large chemical and fertiliser inputs, the “Green Revolution” as it was ironically called of the 1960’s changed all that. Where does organic farming fit into global food production? I don’t know to be honest. I do know that the little lady bird in the video clip is happy and I am happy and I guess you as a carrot eater are happier knowing where the carrots come from and what is or is not on them.


All we cando is grow the best cleanest organic food we can, and that is exactly what we will continue to do. This week we have beautiful fresh heads of lettuce, lovely peppery salad and wil rocket, fresh wet garlic and our own scallions, these are in all of the boxes, so enjoy.



Have a great and healthy week.