Farm Walk open day 5th July

23/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

We have been some-what blessed in the west of Ireland over the last week as the temperatures did not reach the sweltering levels they did on the East coast. But it has been warm and that has helped our plants come along very nicely indeed.

I went out on Friday to check how the cucumber plants were doing and they have been thoroughly enjoying this spell of warmth.

The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze, the cucumber flower is magnificent and you can come and see them for yourself on Wednesday the 5th of July as we will be hosting a national organic farm walk.  It is a great occasion, we are excited but also a little worried, as there is so much to do!





It is going to be a fantastic day. Firstly there is the walk itself, which kicks off at 2pm, this will start just outside our packing sheds, and you will get the behind the scenes first-hand experience of what goes on in this busy place. Our farm shop will be open and the lovely Muriel will be on hand to help you and answer any questions you may have and of course buy some lovely fresh organic produce.

There will be representatives from the organic certifying bodies with information about organics and what it means, and how to become a certified member if you are interested. We will then walk through our tunnels, and see the plants the cucumbers and tomatoes, and more.

Jp McMahon of Michelin star restaurant Aniar will be on the farm and doing a cooking demo which will be amazing! Last time he was here he harvested fresh beetroot and smoked it with burning hay, and it tasted fantastic.

Watch this video to see Jp smoke beetroot on our farm from a couple of years ago, (not literally smoke beetroot of course!).

We will have specialist advisers from Teagasc research centre talking about pest and disease control in organic agriculture, and an expert in hedging and how that helps biodiversity.

There will be a representative of the bee keepers association of Ireland here talking about the bee hives that are on our farm and the importance of the honey bee.

It promises to be a hugely informative and fun day. The walk itself will take a approx. 2 hours. You can come and join it at any point and of course it is FREE!

There will be parking at the farm, and if you are thinking of coming it would be great if you let us know in advance.

This is also an opportunity to come and bring your kids and just wander around the farm at your own leisure too if you wish, so please feel free to bring a pick-nick.  There may even me some live music!

For our Dublin customers we are considering hiring a bus, we have costed it and we figure we would need to charge approx. €20 ahead to cover the cost of the trip up and down from Dublin to our farm. If you would like to book a seat, please let Karina know directly at

Thanks again and looking forward to seeing you there.