If you met "you" from 20 years ago....

16/06/2017 0 Comment(s)

About 15 years ago Jenny and I lived just outside of Oxford and I worked in a small Biotech company.

We found an organic farm down the road that was offering a box scheme and we decided to give it a go. To be honest it was primarily because we wanted to support the farm and do something positive for the environment.

I used to smoke at the time, and people would often ask, why buy organic food and smoke. Well I liked the idea of balance and in my own strange way I really did believe that you could balance the smoking with eating organic vegetables (If I met the me from 20 years ago today, I think I would have to tell me that the smoking balance thing was never going to work!, I think I would have a few other choice words to say as well!).

But I do believe today stronger than ever that these toxic chemicals should absolutely not be in our food or on our farms.




As lovely as the box scheme was we often  found ourselves seriously wondering what to do with another bag of spinach!

Roll on 15 years and low and behold we find ourselves back on my father’s farm, running our own box scheme, growing our own food and sending boxes off to your lovely households each week.

We decided at an early stage that if somebody didn’t want spinach then they shouldn’t have to eat spinach so we got our web guy to do some nifty work and make that a reality.

I write this as we start to get stuck into some serious farm harvest and it made me think why would anybody choose organic?

I decided to ask Declan our farm manager his thoughts on why he thinks organic is the only way to grow food.

I shot this little video, It was a very windy day though apologies for the sound it could be better) which shows the amazing farm produce you are going to receive next week, and exactly where it will be harvested from, and here’s Declan’s thinking on Why Organic is the only way.



PS: We made a decision during the week that we are not going to supply supermarkets anymore, we enjoy our direct interaction with you our customers. We love that we are directly connected to you, and to be honest, we want to do things our own way and not their way.

So with your blessing that is what we will do.We want your suggestions and feedback on how we can improve our service so please e-mail if you think of something!

PPS:  As we are an organic Demo farm again this year, there is a major farm walk here on the 5th of July, this will kick off our monthly summer walks. You are all invited, we are still finalising what else will be going on on that day, but please let us know if you would like to attend.