It's been one of those weeks

09/06/2017 0 Comment(s)
It’s been one of those weeks, they happen every now and again. You know the ones, when you feel you are swimming against the tide, or in farmer speak your wellies are caked in wet muck and walking takes serious effort! (if you have never experienced this you’ll have to trust me!). The wise thing of course would be to let go, go with the flow! Or in farmer philosophy take off the muddy boots and go bare foot!

All the sages (and not the plant!) say it: “just let go!” but of course we have a tendency to hang on.

Amidst all of this though there is the absolute marvel of life all around us and the realisation that we are privileged to be part of it!



Last week there were a couple of really great reminder moments, there was the afternoon when the first tomato and cucumber plants were put in the ground, and the pleasure that Ramona derived from being the one to plant them.

The fact that we are harvesting our own new farm kale again, and that the old crop from last year has just finished been a flower filled home for the bees, this is delightful and amazing. 

Then as I was making this little video, I realised that there is the fundamental rightness of growing food in harmony with nature, doing it without chemicals, doing it so biodiversity has a fighting chance. This is the right thing to do.

RANT:  the government official we were dealing with this week insisted on calling pesticides and herbicides: PPP’s plant protection products, it is the new approved terminology.   I would love to know who coined that toxic chemical friendly phraseology. It seems that everybody else seems to think that they are in fact toxic, see this excellent recent article from the Telegraph

Every single food choice we make has a positive or negative impact on us and on our planet.  Our decisions DO matter, our choices DO matter, they DO have an impact and are a real vehicle for real change.

I have just put together this little video in one of our tunnels, please join me. Find out about the amazing French Fairtrade co-op where we are getting some gorgeous and exciting new produce for all the boxes next week, see our own organic farm garlic, or Padraig's fantastic organic scallions and lettuce from Galway. It’s all there, and it will take less than 3 minutes!

Finally and fundamentally a big-shout out and thanks to you for supporting our farm, without you none of this would be possible!