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We are getting very close to the first Irish tomato harvest, and our plants are coming along very well indeed. It's easy to forget (and take for granted) when you are dealing with crops and growing every-day, that maybe not everybody knows when tomatoes are in season or how they grow.



Molly and I getting down with the beets


So I put together a little video on how we tend these remarkable plants on our farm. I know everybody jokes about love and care etc for your plants, but truly if you work with your plants with this in mind you treat the plants differently and they respond to that!


Ah enough! I hear you say, stop this hippie mumbo jumbo! Fair enough, suffice it to say that our plants are treated very well indeed and they yield good healthy clean fruits and that is very important indeed.


So if you are a budding gardener and have attempted to grow tomatoes and want to do it better, or if you would just like to know what a tomato plant looks like and how they grow then have a look at the following 2 minute clip taken in one of our tomato tunnels (This one as over 300 cherry tomato plants.) last week.



We all know what tomatoes taste like but there is nothing like a warm fresh tomato picked form the vine, and that is the taste we try to bring you in our deliveries. But we know they taste good but I was surprised to hear about all the other excellent benefits they possess. Eleanor Winters of “Embody Health” shares with us 4 great health reasons to eat more tomatoes!


Me with an unusal fascination for beetroot!


And also don’t forget that each week there is come excellent recipes in the boxes to help you make the most of these lovely fresh ingredients, these are supplied by Head Chef Killian Hanrahan, and this week he has given us:

Pickled Summer Radish and Cucumber Salad


Spring Onion Bhajis with Radish Raita

Both sound absolutely fantastic so thanks for those Killian, of course you can click through to see them on our site

Top 4 Tomato Boasts by Eleanor Winters of Embody Health!!

1. They act as an Internal Sunblock - Eat in sunny weather or in the run up to a holiday to enhance your skins ability to withstand harmful UV rays, reducing your risk of sun burn.

2. Men, listen up! Tomatoes contain ‘Lycopene’ which is very important to keep your prostate healthy.



Beautiful courgette flowers


3. They are rich in vitamin A, Lutein and Zeaxanthin, all of which protect and strengthen the eyes. So eat plenty if you want to put off getting reading glasses!

4. A reason for everyone – Studies show that people who eat lots of tomatoes are significantly less likely to get Cancer.

Because most of the nutrients are in the skin, weight for weight, Cherry Tomatoes are more nutritious than larger varieties. AND the fresher they are when you eat them, the more goodness you get. Add to lunchboxes instead of fruit or grab a handful as a sweet treat! 



loads and loads of broccoli