10 a day is it possible?

24/02/2017 0 Comment(s)
Plant based eating is on the rise.

We all know the truth that eating more plants and less meat is better for us. It is good for our health, it is better for our planet, and above all it is possible, enjoyable and can taste amazing.

Whether you are a vegan or a vegetarian or a meat eater there is the undeniable fact that eating more vegetables is good and is necessary for health.

In the news this week the bright eyed scientists from Imperial college London have deduced through painstaking analysis that 10 portions of fruit and veg a day is better than 5 a day. It is always nice to have science back up what is common sense.

But is eating 10 pieces of fruit and veg  a day a tough stretch in a day for a single person never mind trying to encourage a whole family to get their 10 a day?



If you have kids it can be even more challenging, and far from healthy for the adult veg pushers confronting a resistant toddler! There definitely are ways, and if the veg and fruit is fresh and sweet then there is a much better chance of children liking it and asking for more.

There is a little mindset change required here, 10 a day is very possible.  Replacing chocolate with an orange, having a raw carrot for a snack, (80g is considered one portion, one large carrot is 80g!), salad with your dinner, an extra portion of veg with your potatoes, there are ways to sneak in extra portions.

It is pretty easy to get three of four portions of vegetables into stews and currys and soups.  Smoothies and juicing are other magic ways to get to the 10 day a day.

Check out our Healthy group with over 3000 members, all helping each other out, answering food and veg related questions, posting pictures and recipes from normal days in normal kitchens all over the country.  You will see that not only is it possible but enjoyable and good for you to get more veg and fruit into your diet.

Juicing will get you your five a day before breakfast! It is an excellent way to get a blast of fruit and veg into you fast.

Not only are plant based diets on the rise, but plant based agriculture is slowly making its presence felt.  The idea is simple: no animal manures are used in producing the crops.

While I was in Germany I came across this idea of biocyclic vegan production.

It is a very interesting method of growing food, because it is effectively a self-sustaining method of crop production using compost, rock and mineral dust, seaweed and crop residue to feed the plants.

This year we have decided to move away from using chicken manure as our main fertiliser source to using plant based fertilisers. There are practical reasons for this, but in combination with green manures and crop rotations it makes sense to us and we are excited.

Here’s to eating more plants and growing more plants with plants!