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To be honest I am not a big fan of reports, they usually have loads of detail and are about obscure things, but occasionally a report comes along that says something useful and interesting and hasn’t been funded by somebody with a seriously conflicted financial interest in the outcome.


There were two reports published this week that once and for all settle the organic score:

Report 1: Organic food is more nutritious. Yum, yum we are all know that. But the guys in the white coats (the good guys that is) need to confirm what you feel intuitively; before you can go out on a limb and actually say it. (I will give my humble organic farmer/Scientist opinion on this later this week),



To read the Guardian's take on this report then click here

Report 2: More consumers are recognising the benefits of organic food and are buying more of it. (Sales, blah, blah blah, buy more of this and that etc etc. But, hang on a minute if people are buying more good stuff is this good? Well I think in this case it possibly is!)


So that’s all great and positive and happy news. But what about you and your boxes? So I promised a quick little video last week, on kale. I know, how can you make kale interesting? Well maybe this little video won’t be up there with the latest Transformer film, but it is worth a quick little look.



The essence of how we get kale to your door is simple. We pick/harvest the kale (Generally in the morning), we bring it to our cold rooms and chill it. We bag it, and stick it in your boxes, the time from harvest to landing in your box can be as little as 4 hours. Finally the next day our chilled out driver (Shay or Mark, both are reasonably chilled out individuals) deliver the chilled kale in our chilled van!


You get home from work and nearly fall over in excitement at receiving a nice big bag of healthy kale. Ok so the last bit is a little exaggerated and I know you don’t really get that excited over kale. At least I know I generally don’t, but it really is good you and easy to cook and is definitely worth including in your weekly ingredients list line up.


The king of the kales is Cavolo Nero (or black kale) and it is coming your way soon, so keep an eye out, it truly is wonderful.


So enjoy the video and as always let us know if you have any comments.


Thanks a bunch (a big bunch of kale that is!)