Taste the Rainbow of Fresh Organic Produce

29/07/2016 0 Comment(s) General News,

The summer is rushing by and we want to share all the tremendous healthy food on our organic farm with you. 

The summer generally means a little more time to consider what you eat; there is less traffic on the roads and children are off school (speaking from personal experience I am not so sure this means more time for stressed out parents with frayed nerves!) and we can devote a little more time to our food.

On the farm we have reached the tipping point. We have loads of fresh harvest rolling in off the fields. That means we jam much more into our seasonal organic boxes and they are over-flowing with lovely fresh organic farm produce. That also means that they are incredibly good value!


We have freshly harvested organic salad (it is truly amazing, colourful and alive), try it with one of our own cucumbers or our lovely freshly harvested rocket and cherry tomatoes.



We have freshly harvested organic broccoli (The heads are huge. We don’t charge or harvest by weight as supermarkets demand, so you will get big heads. They are fantastic value and you simply cannot get fresh organic broccoli anywhere else).



We have our own new potatoes (they are virtually skinless, they are pure white, and the taste with a bit of real organic butter is amazing…) 




The courgette harvest is in full swing so look forward to a massive blast of courgettes (notice the dark skin, taste the flavour, the freshness, look at them when you cut them… they are completely different to the shop bought ones . And crucially they are harvested here in Galway, not in a polytunnel in the South of Spain using questionable labour practices: if food is cheap there is always a reason and somebody somewhere is paying the price).

Fresh green kale green and black kale, it is marvellous and how wonderful to think that it is a local superfood (It has come a long way from being the diet of cows.   I wonder if Beyonce knew this when she started adding it to her smoothies! She single handily propelled it to fame and in the process helped all us poor farmers in the West of Ireland).  




And while we are talking about superfoods, watch out Popeye, try our big bags of cooking spinach leaves, (If  you need some cooking inspiration, check out our healthy eating Facebook group, and ask the guys in the community there, you will get a flood of ideas on how to cook it, but if stuck, throw it in a frying pan with some butter and garlic. Quick, tasty, simple and good for you (oh and please how wrong we all were about butter, forget your synthetic margarines, and low fat spreads, go for the good old traditional full fat stuff )


The list goes on:  freshly pulled fresh beetroot, with the leaves still on ( If you didn’t already know beetroot helps purify the blood so get it into you, however which way:  juice it, roast it, boil it or grate it raw on salads.)




We launched our Irish box a couple of weeks ago and I am so delighted with the uptake. It is a mix and a match of the best of the above, you will get some and not others, it is the best value and we will pack it with 100% farm or Irish organic produce.


Don’t forget that we are a farm and a home delivery business - we actually grow many of the organic vegetables we sell.  Our other seasonal boxes contain 80% IRISH produce over the course of a year, don’t forget them and they will be packed with freshly harvested produce too.


Have a great week,