Justice for Organics

24/01/2015 0 Comment(s)

 We all sit around getting bogged down in the super information explosion but occasionally something grabs our attention.


 The most detailed study done to date has proven through rigorous scientific analysis that organic fruit vegetables and cereals are better for you, fact. 


1. More antioxidants: The study found that there "significant and substantially higher concentrations of secondary metabolites" found in organic produce.  

What does this mean:

secondary metabolites are produced by plants for a variety of reasons and their benefit to us humans is far ranging. There has been many studies showing the benefits of polyphenols in the prevention of certain degenerative disease. The plants may produce these compounds to aid in fighting off disease and pests. Conventional agriculture relies on chemicals to prevent and treat disease and hence plants produced with pesticides may not produce them in such high concentrations.

2. Less pesticides: It was found that organic food is 4 times less likely to contain any pesticide residues.  

What does this mean:

This clearly identifies a major difference and a very important one, organic food should not contain any pesticide residues, we as organic farmers don't and are not allowed to use pesticides herbicides or fungicides. However there is a background level of these chemicals everywhere, like there is background levels of radiation. Conventional farming relies heavily on chemical inputs to control disease and weeds.

3. Less cadmium and nitrogen: There was lower concentrations of Cadmium and nitrogen found in organic plants. Both are toxic in higher concentrations.

What does this mean:

Cadmium and nitrogen (especially nitrates and nitrites) are toxic. Because of the different approaches to fertilising in organic systems different minerals are taken up and made by the plant.

As a scientist and an organic farmer this report has gone much further than any previously published analyses, it has looked at more data in a rigorous scientific manner and the conclusions are clear.

From an intuitive point of view when you examine how organic food is produced, and if you consider a holistic approach to food and heath to be the most sensible way to live your life. Then it really doesn't require reports and scientific analysis to endorse a fact that just makes sense.

However science has a very real place in our lives and where it helps us to make the best decision when all other factors are considered (such as cost of the food etc) about our future and our health ultimately this is a very positive thing.


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