Too much of a good thing can kill you (but not in this case)

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Too much of a good thing can kill you. (but not in this case!)


I am a firm believer that diet and exercise help improve our mental well-being.



2010 was one of the toughest years that we ever experienced, a number of factors came together to create the perfect storm. The credit fall out was really beginning to hit home, and people were cutting back. Meanwhile we were facing a massive health issue in our household and it really could not have been tougher. It is ironic of course because it is when you are exhausted that you need healthy food the most, and it is at times like this you least feel like preparing it.  We all instinctively reach for comforting fat and sugar rich foods that give us an instant (but temporary) lift when we feel tired and low.


I certainly am no different. We all know that highly processed foods do not make us feel good. Healthy fresh food on the other hand does.


A good diet (not a fad, but a balanced consistent approach to food), a diet rich in fruit and vegetables and nuts and seeds has been shown time and time again to enhance our health.  Consuming fresh produce does more than give us a lift physically it helps us mentally too, it is not rocket science it works and we certainly cannot have too much of it.


Although eating well helps in the longterm, there can be absolutely no doubt that drinking this juice gives you an instant blast of energy.


It is so good for you. In my opinion there is no better way to get such a massive burst  of antioxidants vitamins and minerals than drinking a green juice daily.


The fantastic thing for is most of this stuff is local and fresh and you can throw it straight into a juicer. You can order any of these bits and bobs straight from our website and we will harvest for you, and you will get it nearly as fresh to your door as I do to mine.


We have had a good spring/summer on the farm by all accounts.  In years gone by fiercely cold East winds have delayed crops, this year we are delighted to see the crops bloom and grow. The greens are in full flight and we are on track to have the earliest harvest of broccoli for many years that is something we are pretty excited about.


I have to say though from the odd perspective of a juice drinker and an organic farmer my favourite vegetable is kale. It is so good for you and it is easy to grow, what an amazing combination that is!


If you need some inspiration or would like to share your inspirations with other like minded people we have set up a healthy eating group over on Facebook, this is a closed group and so you will have to ask to join. Here you can post your ideas ask questions and see what others are doing, it is a great forum to share recipes and generally talk about healthy food.


Here’s to plenty of healthy summer drinks!




PS: We have a special offer running this week if you order over €30 online before Friday the 8th July and enter the code “freeeggs” we will add a box of John Tedder’s fantastic organic eggs to your order completely FREE of charge, Now that is a cracking offer!