Hens as free as birds!

02/06/2016 1 Comment(s) General News,

I dropped by John Tedder's farm last week. John has just started producing organic eggs and I put together this little video. I have never seen happier birds, they are tame, friendly highly inquisitive and not at all afraid of humans, this is in stark contrast to how hens in industrial farms are. These hens are living as they are supposed to, free happy and contented with their lot, they can move and enjoy scratching around in the fields cleaning themselves in dust bathes, and really just being free. It is arrogant and cruel for human beings to think it is ok to keep animals locked away in sheds and cages, these are living sentient beings and they have a right to a decent existence and at the very least access to the open air.


1 Comment(s)

Anna Milleri:
15/02/2020, 03:48:30 PM

Hi! I just ordered 12 eggs from you guys and I was wandering are these hens grass fed only or do they get an organic grains feed too? Many Thanks! Anna

12/06/2020, 10:45:53 PM

I would think that there on organic feed aswell as grass. I belive that grass makes up about 15% of their diet. There also probably getting protein from eating insects in the fields.

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