Beetroot and Michelin star restaurant

24/01/2015 0 Comment(s)

As food producers sometimes it is easy to loose track of why and who we are growing our food for. It is important that the taste and quality is right and when you are immersed in the business of growing it is hard to know if you are doing it right or not.



It was  great to have Jp McMahon of "EAT Galway" also owner of ANIAR (Michelin star restaurant) visit out farm a couple of weeks ago and have a rumage through our vegetable fields and go away quite pleased with the quality and more importantly the taste of what we are growing here.



Jp is a big advocate of local organic produce and he decided to wow some farm shop customers with an impromptu cookery demonstration.

It was amazing how a relatively simple beetroot was transformed into the centre-piece of a beautiful and tasty dish.

I won't say much more, other than it involved, beetroot, butter, and burning hay!! and if this has piqued your interest then check out this video:


My culinary skills are not what they could be, but after watching Jp I felt that even I good give the recipe a good go, and oh it was delicious.

We have a real treat for you this week, because we have the whole package to enable you to try this recipe if you want (Apart from the hay that is).

There is fresh beetroot in all the boxes, you will also get the recipe, here is a link to the online recipe if you don't get a box, and finally we also have Jp in action on the video above, taking you step by step through the whole thing, and I think it is only about 5 minutes long.


It would never have occurred to me to try something like this, I think of beetroot, and I think of boiled or roasted round things, but the flavour and consistency of the beetroot here was truly amazing and it was a simple recipe.



So if you do try it at home we would love to hear how you get on, and it may even be on the menu in ANIAR or CAVA in the near future, so keep an eye out.

So Thanks Jp for the great idea, and as always thanks to you for supporting the farm. 



PS We sell loads of other stuff, if you have never tried Blakes organic chocolate (produced by an Irish company and had its humble beginnings just down the road from our farm in Tuam), then it is well worth a try.

Thanks again for your continued support