Latest news from our organic farm: March 21st

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People order from us for a variety of reasons (, but if you want to cook with fresh organic ingredients then one of our seasonal boxes is right for you. At last we are getting back into fresh harvest from our own farm.


It feels like it has been raining forever and actually come to think of it, yes it has,for nearly 4 months in total now! So we all breathed a collective sigh of relief when the clouds parted last week.

It is has been delightful to have the sun pouring down on the farm over the last week or so. It has meant that we have been able to get out and about and really get stuck into ploughing and muck spreading. It all starts with that.

Not only that; but the plants that have been sitting and waiting all winter are finally beginning to stir. We have the first of our own farm salad (winter purslane) and wild rocket (that packs a real peppery kick) ready for harvest and we are starting back into our own kale (red and green) and leek harvest again next week. 


Pictured above: Wild Rocket growing fresh at our organic farm


Picture above: Winter Purslane growing fresh at our organic farm 


Pictured above: Organic Wheatgrass growing fresh at our organic farm


Pictured above: Organic Flat Leaf Parsley growing fresh at our organic farm 



Pictured above: Organic Curly Kale growing fresh at our organic farm 




Pictured above: Organic Red Russian Kale growing fresh at our organic farm 

Pictured above: Organic Purple Sprouting Broccoli growing fresh at our organic farm 


It seems to me that it hasn’t only been the plants that have been craving the blue sky and the sunshine, vitamin D aside, I think we all need it for the good of our souls!

For the first time in many years we may actually have our first new potatoes in the ground before Easter. My grandfather always used to say you should aim to get the new spuds in the ground by St. Patrick’s day, but usually it has been too wet or too cold for planting. I honestly didn’t think we would have any chance of achieving that this year either but it looks like we won’t be far off.

The farm produce is freshly harvested every day but we also have some fantastic other produce available this week, the first fresh new season Italian carrots are available now and a whole host of fresh organic fruit, the organic mandarins are particularly tasty. Remember all organic citrus fruit is unwaxed (which essentially means they are not coated in a chemical preservative to extend their shelf life)

Don’t forget there is still time to get your order in and get it delivered in plenty of time for Easter Sunday dinner. 


Also as a little thank you if you place your order online by 10pm on Wednesday night we will throw in a box of large fresh organic eggs for free, just add “FreeEggs” in the discount code box at check out. Order now at for delivery this week.


It is Galway Food Festival this weekend, which promises to be amazing. If you happen to be down visiting from Dublin or are just thinking of checking it out, then make sure to come by and say hello to Muriel and Orla, and enter our competition to be in with a chance to win a year’s supply of organic veg delivered to your door.


Thanks for your support and Happy Easter!



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