The Pain Of Change

Posted by Green Earthe 04/01/2018 0 Comment(s) General News,Environment,
There is deep down in all of us an urge to change, to be the best person we can be, sometimes it is good to have a fresh start and a new direction.
At the start of a new year it pays to take stock and assess where we are and where we would like to be and to plan for the year ahead.

Some say this is best done at the end of each day, to review the little things we got right during the day and the other things we need to improve on tomorrow. 
Big sudden changes are hard to sustain. That initial spark of enthusiasm can quickly fade, the new diet dies, the new runners get left in the cupboard and we gravitate back to doing things the way we always have.
The law of the land tends towards chaos and disorder, and it takes discipline to generate a new habit that will keep us going long after the initial burst of fervour has waned.
Generally two things can keep us going, a definite and not to distant target or serious pain, such as a health warning.
A couple of weeks ago I went to see the doctor and I was pretty much told that I would never run again. It wasn't the never run again bit that stuck with me (although I have to say that did hurt) it was the doctor's comment, "if I could turn back the clock.... but I can't, you can't turn back the clock" So it was laid bare, a reasonable healthy soon to be 43 year old, does not have the healing ability of a 20 year old.  The processes that put bone back the way it should be just don't work as well anymore as you get older.
There is "no turning the clock back", that is a fact, and this is in my head now and I can't seem to get it out, which may or may not be a good thing.
We cannot turn the clock back, but we can change the present. We can look at our health, our fitness and our food, we can look at the impact we are having on the planet right now and we can make a small change.
It is the little changes we make now, it is these small but regular changes that will make the difference. Yes we all want to turn the world on it's head, but that type of change is difficult to sustain. It is difficult to suddenly change your whole eating regime, but is it so difficult for instance to replace a chocolate bar each day with an apple? Or to go out and buy a reusable coffee cup? Or get your own reusable water bottle? Or decide to eat meat only every second day? Or to say no to the paper bag always offered to you in the pharmacy? 
All small changes and they all matter.
The most important thing is to make a small positive change and to do it now.  Take action however small but do it now, it is liberating and it begins the journey.
It is the same with the planet and it needs all the help it can get.  
We cannot reverse climate change with the flick of a switch, but we can gradually and methodically make the small changes that make a big difference. These small changes made by us all send a clear message to policy makers and big business. Our behaviour tells politicians and corporations how we will vote and our purchases pay their bills.
I may sound like i am reverting to my roots here,  to the stereotypical "treehugger, sandal weating hippie type" but there is a growing awareness an awakening happening right now. The small steps we all take is a strong start.  The crisis our planet is in may be the pain we need to finally get our governments to see that serious action needs to be taken now. 
Here's to more small changes and serious pain.
Have an amazing new year, and as always thank you for your support throughout 2017, without you we would not exist.

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