Climate Change The Biggest Challenge Facing Us

Posted by Green Earthe 14/01/2018 0 Comment(s) General News,Environment,
2017 was the hottest non El Nino year every recorded.

The planet is warming at an alarming rate, everywhere you look the climate is in turmoil. 

Its hard not to feel powerless faced with the magnitude of the changes required to bring about the reduction in our CO2 emissions that are needed to save our planet.
The impact of climate change is everywhere. There are more forest fires, bigger weather events, flooding, hurricanes  drought, species being driven to extinction.

The most powerful government in the world is trying to turn back the clock and deny climate change. It is absurd to think that business as usual is ok. It is not. We are paying today for the damage climate change is inflicting.

In the US in 2017 alone, climate related damages are estimated at over $360 billion!

Yet, there is such a yearning to do the right thing.  

We want to be able to choose to do the right thing but the options must be there for us to choose. There is such hope, so much happening, in energy generation, in electric transport, in farming and food production.

In three weeks time we will have completed our new packing facility on our organic farm.

On the weekend of the 3rd of February we will be installing a large array of PV solar panels to generate our own electricity.  

For the energy we cannot generate ourselves we have signed an agreement to buy only renewal energy from a small energy supplier. They generate the electricity from small hydroelectric generators.

We have installed LED lights that use a fraction of the power of conventional lights. The rainwater harvesting system is in the ground and is ready for operation.
The support for our crowdfunding campaign that finished at the end of November blew us away, it was amazing.

We are in the process of getting it all in order. We will be planting all the trees, in the next 4 weeks. We will be arranging the sign of supporters at our farm gate in the new few months and will be setting a date for our open day to share it all with you.
You have shown us by your support for this project and our farm that there is a massive appetite for change and for doing the right thing.
What we do trumps (maybe not the wisest choice of words) what we say every time. By supporting us you have taken action.
Thank you so much, I cannot begin to convey the excitement we all feel at being less than three weeks from having the solar panels operational and bringing this project to completion.
Thank YOU so much.
Kenneth and all the team at Green Earth Organics
We are indebted to you.
PS We have had an amazing team of people working on this project from the builders to the electricians to the plumbers to the solar installers. They have been amazing, I will be providing the details of them all in a wrap up e-mail when the project is complete. I would like to highlight one in particular Cyril Mannion of Mannion passive house builders who has driven the project and taken on board everything we have talked about from the beginning and has been instrumental in getting this project to completion in just over 3 months.