Tailoring your Box to suit your preferences

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When you order a seasonal organic vegetable box or an organic fruit bag from Green Earth Organics, you might be wondering what the "Dislike" list and "Likes" list is all about and how does it work exactly - so I just wanted to explain all the ins and outs of our substitution process in more detail.  

Our seasonal veg boxes and fruit bags are designed to maximise the amount of organic produce that we provide our customers at the best value possible. Our aim is to give you the widest range of delicious organic fruit and veg in your weekly delivery – we really want you to eat the rainbow and expand your palette! However, if you have some fussy eaters in your house and they can’t stand the sight of celery or if mushrooms make them queasy - that is absolutely no problem! Just let us know which produce you’d like to add to your “Dislike” list and we will never include those items in your box. (Please note:  the maximum number of items that you can “dislike” is three).  Just a little tip though - if you want to get the best value out of your seasonal box, we’d recommend that you just take them as they are with no changes - come what may... and all that! If you are still a little unsure, do not fear - we have loads of great recipes for any vegetables that you are not that familiar with – just send us an email and we will sort you out, no problem! 

So now that you can rest assured that you’ll never receive the fruit or veg that you don’t like, what will you get instead?  Well, you can let us know the items that you’d like to add to your “Likes” list and if that produce is in stock at the time of packing – we will do our best to add it to your order. However, if you have chosen a super expensive fruit or veg as your swap, we may not be able to accommodate your request that week as it is not economically feasible for us to do so. We would kindly request that you keep this in mind - we can only swap out your produce for items that are of a similar value

How to tailor your organic fruit and veg box to suit your needs

So how does that work in reality? If you “dislike” potatoes and ask us to replace it with “peppers” – we’ll endeavour to do this, however it is more likely that you’ll receive some seasonal produce from our farm instead – maybe you will get some delicious organic kale!  Or we might give you extra carrots or onions, because we have loads of them growing on the farm at that particular time.  And if you dislike the maximum of 3 items, it is not necessarily guaranteed that you will receive three different items as substitutes, because we might give you a vegetable that is more expensive and worth the value of all those three items combined!  


The moral of the story?! While, we’ll do our very best to accommodate your request for your preferred replacement fruit or vegetable, sometimes it will not always be possible – so please bear that in mind that your “Likes” list is not guaranteed. If there is something you definitely want to receive, why not add it as a portion to your box that week and you’ll be guaranteed that we will add it if we have it in stock? You can check the price of the fruit here and the vegetables here and you can email us to add it as an additional portion to your order or if you prefer you can order it online as a top-up to your weekly box. Whatever works for you!  


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