Two Amazing Box Scheme Incentives

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Join the Box Scheme and get a FREE COOKBOOK with loads of amazing recipes!


It’s easy to fall off the healthy eating wagon over the Summer holidays when the weather is great….. your routine goes out the window, the fridge is bare and the ice-creams and special treats almost turn into a food category all on their own! Well now that the kids are back to school and cooking and eating at home will be the norm - why don’t you take part in our new 4 or 8 week “join the box scheme” taster programme and create a new healthy eating habit for your family!




Our 4 week programme:

  • Just spend €20 on a fruit/veg box for 4 weeks and get a free “200 Fast Recipes” cookbook with your second delivery! Min commitment is €20 x 4 = €80 (exc delivery charges). Note: Payment taken weekly* – not upfront.


Our 8 week programme:

  • Just spend €30 on a fruit/veg box for 8 weeks and receive a complimentary cookbook written by the award winning River Cottage team called “A-Z: Our Favourite Ingredients & How to Cook Them” (RRP €50) with your second delivery! This book is a real show stopper, a 700 page goldmine of ingredients, techniques and recipes.  Minimum commitment is €30 x 8 = €240 (excluding delivery charges). Note: Payment taken weekly* – not upfront.  Please note: if this book is out of stock, an alternative River Cottage cookbook will be provided called ‘River Cottage Much More Veg’. 


How to sign up:

  • Phone: Contact us by phone and we’ll take your credit card details and set you up for the programme of your choice. Tel: 01 460 0467 (Dublin & Wicklow) or 091 793768 (West of Ireland & nationwide courier)
  • E-mail: Contact us by e-mail and leave us your name and number and we will call you back and get it all set up

(Dublin & Wicklow) or for the west of Ireland




Frequency of delivery:

  1. Can I sign up for a fortnightly delivery of the programme or does it have to be weekly*?
  2.   Yes, if it suits you better, you can sign up for an automatic delivery every fortnight.


Customization of boxes:

Q. My family don’t like to eat certain veg, is it possible to exclude some items from the box?

A. Yes, just tell us before you start which items you’d like us to exclude (maximum of three).


Flexibility of boxes:

Q. My family don’t eat a lot of potatoes, is it possible to alternate between boxes so that one week I get a box with potatoes and the next week I get a different box?

A. Yes, no problem – but you must tell us before the programme starts. For example you could get the Easy Meals box (no potatoes) one week and the next week you could get the Medium Veg box (contains potatoes). By alternating two different boxes, you’ll receive even more variety of vegetables and will eat everything!


Closing date:

Q. What’s the closing date for this special offer?

A.  To take advantage of this promotion, you must sign up ASAP. Contact us for the closing date.  


Build your Own boxes / Custom orders:

Q. Are the “Build your Own” €20 or €30 boxes or custom orders included in this promotion?

A. No. Only the standard vegetable boxes and set fruit bags are included in this programme.


Existing customers:

Q. I’m an existing box scheme customer, can I get a free cookbook?

A. We really value your custom, thank you sincerely for your support. This offer is for new box scheme customers only. However, if you’ve been a box scheme customer for more than 3 months, please contact us and we can offer you these cookbooks at a discounted rate.

  • If your average spend is €20 per week for more than 3 months, we’ll give you the small book for FREE! (minimum ongoing commitment 4 weeks)
  • If your average spend is €30 per week for more than 3 months, you can buy the River Cottage book from us for just €15 instead of €50 RRP.  (minimum ongoing commitment 8 weeks)


Please note: If you cancel before the minimum commitment, the cost of the book will be deducted from your credit card. 


We appreciate your support, thanks again.


Kenneth & Jenny