Virtual Tree Wall

Posted by Green Earthe 30/12/2018 0 Comment(s) Farm News,

‘Why planting trees can change our world’ a talk given by Donal Chambers at our Sustainability Festival really inspired us. 


So we will plant a tree in your name on our farm and best of all, you can visit it when you come to our next Open Day and we’ll post your name on our ‘Virtual tree wall’ below . To take part in this initiative, just use the coupon ode ‘TREE’ on all orders (over €50)  from now until the 4th January. Start your order here 


Each one of us can make a difference in the world, and together we can change it. Let’s do it!



VIRTUAL TREE WALL    [If you take part, your name will be added here]

  1. Sheena McAfee
  2. Síafra Ní Bhriain   (Roisin Morning) 
  3. Janice Byrne
  4. Cara Mercier (Eric Byrne)
  5. Patricia McCarthy
  6. Rebekah Calloway-Kinsella
  7. Michelle O'Brien
  8. Gosia Davies
  9. Rebekah Hernon
  10. Gaelle Hersent
  11. Faith Cranfield
  12. Elodie Lefeuvre
  13. Grace McTeague (James McTeague)
  14. Laetitia Pefferkorn
  15. Aislinn OBrien
  16. Eden Landan
  17. John Forde
  18. Jordy van der Pol
  19. Dominika Jamroz
  20. Wiebke Asmussen
  21. Jasmin Pathe
  22. Fanny Martini
  23. Kate Nicole
  24. Roberta Rivera
  25. Kathryn Baker
  26. Sean Doyle
  27. Maeve Burke
  28. Susanne Kennan
  29. Emily Murphy
  30. Emer Conneely
  31. Lisa Davies
  32. Paula Dooley
  33. Miriam Fitzpatrick
  34. Cornelia Lück
  35. Marjanne Bryan
  36. Irene Reidy
  37. Céline Harrand
  38. Sharon Flynn
  39. Sandra Green
  40. Gene Ahern
  41. Siobhan O'Neill
  42. Maja Sansovic Milat
  43. Rachel Mulcahy
  44. Eloise Heron
  45. Kasia Timofiejew
  46. Sean Doyle