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Organic Breakfast Tea -8%

Breakfast Tea, Simon Levelt

English Breakfast TeaStrong & Rich Flavour20 Tea bags..

€2.49 €2.29 Ex Tax: €2.29

Numi Tea Breakfast Blend [PF]

Now bolder and richer. This complex blend of organic black teas – malty Assam, robust Ceylon, bris..

€4.19 Ex Tax: €4.19

Numi Tea Collection [PF]

From smooth earthy tones to light floral scents and refreshing sweet and sour notes, we proudly br..

€4.19 Ex Tax: €4.19

Organic Inca Dark Beans -8%

Espresso Dark Beans, Inca, 250g

  Freshly ground, Inca Espresso Dark Beans from 100% pure highland Arabica beans. (250g) Illi..

€6.49 €5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Coffee Beans Blakes, Culture Blend, IRISH, 250g

Blakes Culture Blend Coffee Beans (250g)  It has been almost a year now since John went ..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Coffee Beans Blakes, Purely Arabica, IRISH, 250g

The newest blend from Blakes Irish Coffee Roasters!..

€6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Coffee Ground, 100% Arabica, 250g

Freshly ground, strong rich intense and slightly bitter flavour, from 100% organic beans.   &..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Espresso Ground, Inca, 250g

Freshly ground, Inca Espresso from 100% pure highland Arabica beans. (250g) Illimani coffee is cert..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Yogi Tea Lemon & Ginger

Yogi Ginger Lemon 17 Tea bags Our Lemon Ginger tea is based on a traditional formula that suppor..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Yogi Tea Women's Energy

Yogi Women's Energy Tea 17 Tea bags Women’s Energy is a delicious way to enhance your overall well..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Drinking Chocolate, Cavi, 400g

Organic Cavi Drinking chocolate (400g)Contains raw cane sugar, 20% low fat cocoa powder, may con..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.66

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