Herbs, Spices, Superfoods

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Herbs, Spices, Superfoods

Fresh herbs & spices can be found on our Vegetables page (seasonal availability)

[V] = Vegan      |     [GF] = Gluten Free     |     [PF] = Plastic Free or Biodegradable Packaging

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Nutritional Yeast, 150g

Inactive Yeast Flakes. Sprinkle over Soups, Salads, Pasta or Rice Dishes or use to make Sauces.To en..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.99

Out of Stock

Sea Salt

Achill Sea Salt 75g

An award winning pure and natural Irish Sea Salt, hand harvested from the wild Atlantic waters that ..

€4.29 Ex Tax: €4.29

Smoked Sea Salt -15%

Achill Smoked Sea Salt, 75g

Achill Island Smoked Sea Salt is hot-smoked with beech and oak and will bring the taste of a BBQ gri..

€4.69 €3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Ground Cinnamon, 24g

Cinnamon Ground (24g) ..

€1.69 Ex Tax: €1.69

Organic Raw Hemp Protein Powder -7%

Raw Hemp Protein Powder, 200g [PF]

Raw Hemp Protein Powder (200g)Product Information:Hemp Powder has a nutty flavor. Also protein becau..

€7.49 €6.99 Ex Tax: €6.99

Organic Wheatgrass Powder -4%

Wheatgrass Powder, 60g [PF]

Wheatgrass powder is made from the tender young shoots of the Triticum aestivum - a common wheat pla..

€4.99 €4.79 Ex Tax: €4.79

Mushrooms Shiitake Dried, 20g

Organic dried Shiitake mushrooms. Substitute 10g per 100g fresh mushrooms, rehydrate in 100ml boilin..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Organic Herbs & Spices

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