Dairy Free Milk & Juices

 [V] = Vegan      |     [GF] = Gluten Free     |     [PF] = Plastic Free or Biodegradable Packaging

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Rice Milk Natumi, 1L [GF] [V]

Rice Milk organic 1 litre..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Soya Milk Unsweetened, Natumi, 1L [V]

Organic soya milk unsweetened (1ltr)..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Almond Milk Unsweetened, Provamel, 1L [GF] [V]

Provamel organic almond milk unsweetened  (1 ltr) ..

€3.25 Ex Tax: €3.25

Organic Bunalun Almond Milk Unsweetened -5%

Almond Milk Unsweetened, Bunalun, 1L [V]

Bunalun Organic Almond Milk Unsweetened 1L ..

€3.25 €3.09 Ex Tax: €3.09

Organic Bunalun Rice Milk -5%

Rice Milk, Bunalun, 1L [GF] [V]

Bunalun Organic Rice Milk 1L ..

€2.59 €2.46 Ex Tax: €2.46

Oat Milk, Bunalun, 1L [V]

Bunalun Organic Oat Milk 1L ..

€2.77 Ex Tax: €2.77

Hemp Milk, 1L

This unsweetened hemp drink from Ecomil is made with hemp seed and hemp oil, which ensures a sweet n..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Orange Juice, 200ml

200 ml snack size glass bottle. 100% freshly squeezed orange juice packed with Vitamin CINGREDIENTS:..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.62

Apple Juice 200ml New

Apple Juice 200ml

200ml snack size glass bottle. 100% freshly squeezed apple juice packed with goodnessINGREDIENTS: Ap..

€1.69 Ex Tax: €1.37

Apple Juice, 1L

Made from freshly pressed organic apples and nothing else!Ingredients: Freshly squeezed apple j..

€4.49 Ex Tax: €3.65

Orange Juice, 700ml

Made from freshly pressed organic oranges and nothing else!Ingredients Freshly squeezed or..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.24

Schulp Pear Juice, 750ml

Made from freshly pressed organic pears and nothing else!Ingredients Pear juice *, * = Organic..

€3.69 Ex Tax: €3.00

Coconut Water, 1L

100% pure coconut water from young coconuts. Great on its own or as a base for smoothies and shakes...

€5.49 Ex Tax: €5.49

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