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Asparagus Green (250g)

Lovely fresh green Asparagus from Spain (250g)..

€3.98 Ex Tax: €3.98

Organic Aubergine Graffiti New

Aubergine Graffiti (1pc)

Aubergine Graffiti (1pc) from France..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.95

Beans Flat (400g)

Beautifully fresh and tasty flat beans from Italy (400g)..

€2.96 Ex Tax: €2.96

Beans French (200g)

French beans from Italy (200g)..

€2.96 Ex Tax: €2.96

Beetroot (500g)

Juicy organic beetroot from Great Britain..

€1.75 Ex Tax: €1.75

Bunched Beetroot FARM

New season freshly harvested bunched beetroot from our own organic farm..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Butternut Squash (1 piece)

Butternut squash from the Argentina (1 piece)..

€2.76 Ex Tax: €2.76

Cabbage Red (1pc)

Red cabbage from Italy (1pc)..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Carrots Dirty (800g)

Dirty carrots from Italy (800g)..

€1.98 Ex Tax: €1.98

Carrots Washed (5kg)

Washed carrots from Spain (5kg). ..

€10.35 Ex Tax: €10.35

Carrots Washed (800g)

Washed carrots from Italy..

€1.98 Ex Tax: €1.98

Cauliflower (1pc)

Organic Cauliflower Holland..

€3.49 Ex Tax: €3.49

Celery Green (1pc)

Very tasty green celery from Spain..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Cherry vine tomatoes (250g)

Tasty cherry vine tomatoes from Italy. Have you seen the video of Kenneth and his daughter Ella..

€1.98 Ex Tax: €1.98

Courgettes (2pc)

Fresh organic courgettes from Italy (2pc) ..

€2.97 Ex Tax: €2.97

Cucumber (1pc)

Fresh cucumber from France..

€1.85 Ex Tax: €1.85

Garlic bulb (2pc)

Garlic bulb (2pc) from Spain..

€1.47 Ex Tax: €1.47

Garlic Fresh FARM (1pc)

New season fresh organic garlic from our Farm (1pc)..

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.49

Ginger (100g)

Fresh root ginger from PERU (100g)..

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.49

Kale Black FARM (150g)

First of our lovely black kale freshly harvested on our farm...

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.95

Kale Green FARM (150g)

Lovely green curly kale fresh from our FARM..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.95

Kohlrabi (1pc)

Fresh from Holland. The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broccoli stem or cab..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Kohlrabi Purple (1pc)

Fresh Purple Kohlrabi from Holland. The taste and texture of kohlrabi are similar to those of a broc..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49


Organic lemongrass from Uganda..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Lettuce Green IRISH

Beautiful green lettuce head from Ireland..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Lettuce Red IRISH

Beautiful red lettuce head from IRELAND...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Mushrooms Chestnut IRISH (210g)

Organic chestnut mushrooms from Ireland,  fresh every week...

€2.44 Ex Tax: €2.44

Mushrooms Portobello (200g)

Large flat mushrooms,very tasty. From Holland...

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Mushrooms White IRISH (200g)

Beautiful white organic mushrooms from IRELAND, fresh in every week...

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.49

Onions Red (400g)

Fresh red onions from Holland (400g)..

€1.98 Ex Tax: €1.98

Onions White (750g)

White onions from Egypt (750g) ..

€1.49 Ex Tax: €1.49

Peppers Chili Red (50g)

Red hot chili peppers from Morocco (50g)..

€1.45 Ex Tax: €1.45

Peppers Green (1pc)

Large organic green pepper from Italy..

€1.75 Ex Tax: €1.75

Peppers Red Ramiro (2 pack)

Tasty Red Ramiro Peppers from Italy..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Peppers Yellow (1pc)

Fresh juicy yellow peppers from Italy..

€2.12 Ex Tax: €2.12

Potatoes IRISH (1kg)

Organic Potatoes IRISH Setanta veriaty..

€1.69 Ex Tax: €1.69

Potatoes IRISH (2kg)

Fresh Irish harvest potatoes. Setanta variety (2kg). Great flavored spuds..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Potatoes IRISH (5kg)

Fresh Irish harvest  potatoes. Setanta variety variety (5kg). Great flavored spu..

€5.99 Ex Tax: €5.99

Radish (1 bunch)

Fresh organic radish 1 bunch from Holland..

€1.99 Ex Tax: €1.99

Red pepper (1pc)

Delicious organic red peppers from Italy ..

€2.48 Ex Tax: €2.48

Salad Mix FARM (100g)

Fresh organic salad mix from our FARM (100g). ..

€1.95 Ex Tax: €1.95

Scallions IRISH (1bunch)

New season scallions from Co. Galway (1 bunch)..

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49

Spinach Baby (200g)

Fresh baby spinach from Italy (200g)..

€2.99 Ex Tax: €2.99

Spinach FARM (200g)

Lovely fresh organic spinach from our own FARM...

€1.98 Ex Tax: €1.98

Sweetcorn (pack of 2)

Lovely pre-boiled sweetcorn from France, pack of 2..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.99

Tomatoes Cherry Plum Yellow/Orange (250g)

cherry plum tomatoes from Italy..

€2.48 Ex Tax: €2.48

Tomatoes Vine (4pc)

Vine Tomatoes from Holland (4pc) ..

€3.25 Ex Tax: €3.25

Wild Rocket FARM (70g)

Fresh crisp wild rocket from our FARM 70g...

€2.49 Ex Tax: €2.49